pátek 31. října 2014


I was in Moscow for a concert recently. Moscow is beautiful and there weren´t many people, when I was there.
I saw the St.Basil´s Cathedral, Red Squere ,Lenin´s Mausoleum and shoping center GUM.
The highlight of the day was concert The Neighbourhoods.

pondělí 20. října 2014

First snow

On 17th October felt in Rybinsk the first snow and its beatiful. I love winter!!!

And on the 19th October there were celebration - The Day of Lycée. The students made a sketch about Pushkin and you can also have a ride in carriage.

pondělí 13. října 2014

Circus Yaroslavl

In the first time of my life I was in circus there were many acrobats and animals I saw crocodiles, dogs, goats,snakes, lions and tigers and I really enjoyed it, but I also feel sorry for the animals :(. I think people shouldn´t do this. So this was the first and also my last time in circus (with animals) for me.
I also have a few pictures (unfortunatelly not a good one), but here they are :)

sobota 27. září 2014

My 18th birthday

On 25th September was my 18th birthday and I have to thank to my russian classmets, to the children from 3rd grade and 6th grade and to my host family. They did everything for me to feel good. Children made me a greetings cards and gave me sweets ,books about Rybinsk and The Diary of Sherlock Holmes, in russian of course. I was on dinner with my host family and Rotarians and my classmates gave me a cake and we ate it they sang me the birthday song-in german, english and russian and I am really grateful ror that.

And my dearest czech classmates send me photo with congratulation I miss them very very much!!! Love you!!!!!!!

středa 24. září 2014

School Trip

On russian schools is one tradition, every September they make a trip to forest, where they have some sports activities, competitions and every class bring some food and they light a fire, singing songs. And it was really amazing!!! I never thought, that I will like something like this.