sobota 27. září 2014

My 18th birthday

On 25th September was my 18th birthday and I have to thank to my russian classmets, to the children from 3rd grade and 6th grade and to my host family. They did everything for me to feel good. Children made me a greetings cards and gave me sweets ,books about Rybinsk and The Diary of Sherlock Holmes, in russian of course. I was on dinner with my host family and Rotarians and my classmates gave me a cake and we ate it they sang me the birthday song-in german, english and russian and I am really grateful ror that.

And my dearest czech classmates send me photo with congratulation I miss them very very much!!! Love you!!!!!!!

středa 24. září 2014

School Trip

On russian schools is one tradition, every September they make a trip to forest, where they have some sports activities, competitions and every class bring some food and they light a fire, singing songs. And it was really amazing!!! I never thought, that I will like something like this.

pondělí 15. září 2014

Second week in Rybinsk

It is my 2. week in Rybinsk. I already know the city, I play volleyball and have a dance lessons I´ve met new people, was in Rybinsk Theater, I saw my 1. movie in russian, I was in the museum and learned somethink about the Rybinsk history.
There are two faces of the city, there is one, which is not interesting and ungly, but when you reveal the beatiful side and find what to do it is not so bad....

úterý 2. září 2014

1. September

1. September

Yesterday was my 1. day of school in Russia. It was amazing! There is a tradition in Russia, every year the last class give pin budges to the first class, then they ring on the bell and then the oldest take the smallest and escort them to their classrooms. And because I am here in the last grade I was a part of this celebration. It was so great!!!
I also find a friends in school and met new people, which is perfect. I saw the town and my new friends showed me, where to go for coffee.
And today I had normal lessons-English, History and PE. I understood quite good and the teachers were nice to me.